Have you noticed the sudden interest of Nigerian celebrities and even citizens to visit Cape Verde known as the ‘Carribean Island of Africa’?

Now you know. Cape Verde is the rave of the moment.

Cape Verde consists of ten islands, nine of which are inhabited. The capital is at Praia, the largest city, it is located on the island of Santiago which is also the largest.

Fortunately, most of these islands are packed with things to do and are becoming increasingly popular for tourists – from hiking up an active volcano to learning to kitesurf, honeymoon destination and more.

BBNaija 2018 star, Anto Lecky, has clocked a year older on December 12, 2019 and she celebrated the occasion in Cape Verde with friends and other BBNaija stars. BBNaija 2019 stars, Khafi Kareem and Gedoni Ekpata recently had a baecation and even got engaged at Cape Verde.

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Khloe At Cape Verde

Some reasons why Cape Verde is fast becoming a tourist attraction site for Nigerians are:

1. Accessibility

You don’t have to sit long hours as the total flight duration from Lagos, Nigeria to Cape Verde is 4 hours, 26 minutes. Travel time from other parts of Nigeria will most likely differ.

2. Visa On Arrival

Citizens of Nigeria do not need a Cape Verde tourist visa to visit the country for a stay up to 90 days.

3. The Local music

Cape Verde relies heavily on its varied musical traditions to project its culture and history, both within the islands and also on to the world stage. No visit to the islands is complete without enjoying the local music at some point. The country’s cultural gift to the world is morna – a lilting, rhythmic form of music which slipped into life at some undefined point in the 18th century.

4. Beaches

Mimi Onalaja At the Beach

Alex Unusual at a beach in Cape Verde

Cape Verde has beautiful black and white sand beaches across its ten islands.

4. Marine life

There are quite a variety of species that only exist on Cape Verde and its surrounding waters. So far, scientists have listed about 639 species of fish, including whale sharks, the humpback whale and mantas. You can go on a turtle tour or whale-watching trip while here.

5. A good package holiday

Khafi Kareem and Gedoni Ekpata Engaged at Cape Verde

Cape Verde has developed in both its tailored vacation trips and well packaged getaways since the past 20 years. You are not going to feel out of place at its numerous beaches and landscapes that would sweep you off your feet. Lovers would not ask for anything better than what they would get here.

Planning a trip to the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde? 

Take note of the following from Facts36

1. Have a valid International passport

2. You can get to Cape Verde from Nigeria by taking part of the journey by road. You can go from Lagos to Cape Verde by traveling by road to Cotonou or go further to Senegal and then a flight to your destination Or you go by Flight from Lagos with a stopover in Senegal.

3. Do you need a VISA? Cape Verde is a member of ECOWAS and the treaty allow for free movement among the member states. ECOWAS treaty permitted a member to visit for 90 days visa-free. Coming from Nigeria you’re not suppose to obtain entry visa before departing, however information reaching us shows that due to mass migration to Europe in recent years, which make the country the targets of sojourners, Cape Verde authorities are considering pulling out of the free movement agreement, thereby placing some restrictions on foreigners entering the country for the purpose of travelling by sea to Europe. Currently, many Africans are facing a lot of difficulties in entering Cape Verde.

In a nutshell, when travelling to the Island prepare to obtain a visa on arrival, which is not free at the point of entry.
However, as a member of ECOWAS, you will be allowed to enter, provided you can produce the following documents.
1. Your International passport with 6 months validity.
2. Your reason for visiting Cape Verde.
3. Evidence of return ticket.
4. Proof of accommodation arrangement.
5. Evidence of has basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay on the Island.
6. Your health clearance certificate.
With these requirements, you will definitely be admitted.

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Khafi And Gedoni on baecation at Cape Verde

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