Have you ever tried planning an event on your own? As ”small” as a bridal shower or a picnic can be a lot stressful than you ever imagined. Little wonder why people prefer to hire an events planner when they can afford it.

Did you know Forbes included event coordinator on their “Most stressful Jobs” list for two years in a row? You have to really be passionate about the job as it involves very highly stressed situations.

Technology has however made it much easier to plan and manage events, no matter how large. Event planning apps have been created to simplify the duties of a planner because organization is key when planning an event so as to remain sane, avoid mistakes and not forget important details.

An events planner should be able to sort  his/her agenda and tasks anywhere and at any time while on the go.

Whether you do this for a living or you’re just trying to pull off a surprise baby or bridal shower, we bring you some of the best event planning apps.

Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner is the best app for professional event managers and is widely used because of its convenient and intuitive interface.

The app has several features which allows you to plan multiple events at the same time. It also allows you the ability to delegate tasks, create a timeline, track your progress, form a budget, plan and track several other general tasks including: menus, entertainment, decorations and shopping lists.

Pro Party Planner is not free but it is available for download at $4.99 from the ITunes store.

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This can be called the Events planner’s personal assistant because no matter how busy you get, 24me will make sure you don’t forget anything important. The app has features like integrated calendars, to-do lists, and notes and sends you reminders for them when necessary. You’ll also be reminded of bills and other important information as the app connects to your financial institutions, social networks, and service providers. 24me is perfect for planning smaller events and it is FREE. You can download on APP Store or Google Play.



Teamwork makes the dream work they say. Asana is the perfect app for task and team management as it’s main task is to manage clients or vendors or the team in charge of making your vision a reality

It helps you keep track of your team by letting you assign tasks to different team members while keeping track of who’s doing what. It makes it really simple to see what’s getting done and who’s getting it done.

Asana event planning app is free and can be adapted to any phone, tablet, iOS, and Android.

Party & Event Planner Lite

Party & Event Planner Lite is another simple app that is great for planning your parties, get together, birthdays, business meetings, and other events.

The app has some amazing features like providing a custom task list based on a type of party which makes it easier  to handle related tasks. It helps you create a list of cost so that it’s easy to track expenses and also prevent the budget from going overboard. It also features guest categories and separate drinks calculator to help you manage your guests with ease.

This free online party planner tool comes with in-app purchases available. It can also be downloaded on Google Play and App Store.


AreYouIn – Event Planner

Are you planning a get together, nights out, wedding, soccer games together with your friends. AreYouIn is an innovative and fun event planning tool that lets you organize events

1st – Choose a category: Soccer, Poker, Yoga, Movie, Wedding, or write one of your own.
2nd – Choose the title of the event, the location, and the date and hour.
3rd – Limit the number of the invitees.
4th – Go out and have fun!

It is completely Free!

To:Day – Event planner

To: Day is that event planning apps that allows you to conveniently organize a list of guests, seating, registration and invitation.

Using the app, you can view all the tasks you need to do before the upcoming date and set reminders not to forget important details. The most important tasks can be marked as “Star”, so they will be on top.  It is possible to count the remaining days so you can plan ahead.

It comes with a countdown so that you can count the remaining days and be able to go ahead with the plan accordingly. You can also share your event poster with your friends and be able to able to keep a track of the latest updates right from the notification center.

You can archive the events that have already ended. App can be downloaded Here

Price: Free/in-app purchases available



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