Halloween 2019 holds on Thursday 31st October, and people across the world are ready with their costumes to party and celebrate.

The day is celebrated by many Western countries and is said to have pagan roots. On Halloween Day people play dress up and traditionally wear scary costumes. These days you can dress like any famous person.

Widely regarded as a day to celebrate spirits and other things supernatural, Halloween isn’t encouraged in a deeply religious country like Nigeria.

But recently, Nigerians have embraced Halloween and the rate at which it is being embraced is on the increased. You want to celebrate this annual event? Then you might want to treat your friends to a spectacularly spooky celebration with a haunted house party.

For a haunted house party, photo invitations are a great way to incorporate the theme and get your guests to prepare in line with the theme.


Exciting and creative costumes are a great way to give your haunted house party an edge.From ghosts to scary skeletons, costumed characters are important for any haunted house party. You can either make your own costumes or buy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Zombies
  • Grim Reaper Costumes
  • Skeleton Outfits
  • Scary Clown Costumes
  • Werewolf Costumes
  • Vampire Costumes

You can check out some more costume ideas HERE


You can use decorations ranging from paper cutouts to animated or electronic creatures, dim lighting, creepy music and more.

  • Motion lights
  • Black lights
  • Fog machine.
  • Gravestones on the lawn.
  • Ghosts, bats and spiders hanging from the rafters.
  • Caution tape lined doorways.
  • Creepy silhouettes in the windows.
  • Boarded up windows and doorways.
  •  “Keep Out” signs.
  • Creepy eyes pasted to hanging wall art.


Halloween Party Food

You don’t have to break the bank. You can get fruits peel off the skins and stick them in an opaque container marked “Eyeballs.” You can get creative with other foods like Spaghetti.

Games and Activities

There can be a scavenger hunt for bones

A haunted hide and seek which requires them running through the house .

Sharing weird stories or nightmares.

Some Halloween party games may or may not appeal to many so carefully select what kind of activities will be involved.



What are your thoughts about Halloween? Do you have any ideas on how to mark this event or how it should be celebrated. Kindly drop them in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.


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